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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Buck Owens

It has been a couple months since his passing, but I wanted to blog a bit about Buck Owens. Being in my mid-30s, some of my first memories of country music were sitting with the family on Saturday evenings and watching the hijinx of Buck, Roy and the "whole Hee-Haw gang".

Only later as I started to really get into the music, did I really understand that Buck Owens was more than the sort of goofy guy he portrayed on television. He was a honest to God country music pioneer!

From his awesome harmony vocals to his significant business interests there was a whole lot more to "'ol Buck" than met the eye...and despite a highly successful career I don't think he ever got the full credit he deserved...mainly because Hee Haw overshadowed everything else. Here's hoping that Buck is somewhere up there harmonizing again with Don Rich. As they used to say in Kornfield Kounty...salute!

Here are some sites about Buck:
Wikipedia's Buck Owens Page 1999 article on Buck


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